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IPA continues customer expansion reaching over 1,000 mark

December 2018

ATLANTA, December 14, 2018 –  IPA, LLC, the worldwide leader in surgical scrubs and healthcare linen automation, announced today that it has surpassed the 1,000-customer mark. IPA serves clients from all over the globe, with the largest concentration located in the U.S. and across 15 international countries including Canada, United Kingdom...


IPA Celebrates 10,000th Unit

December 2017

ATLANTA, December 2017 - IPA is proud to announce the completion of its 10,000th unit at the company’s headquarters and manufacturing center in Suwanee, Ga. The unit, an alEx automated linen center, is designed to help hospitals reduce costs and increase nurse satisfaction by streamlining linen management...  


Dangerous bacteria can end up on scrubs

October 2016

ATLANTA, October 2016 - A new study shows that bacteria that can cause serious infections frequently spread from patients in intensive care units to scrubs and the environment, a finding that highlights the importance of hospital infection control practices.​

Taking the Headache out of Scrub Management

May 2016

ATLANTA, May 2016 - With more than 90 years in the medical uniform and linen rental business, Unitex is all too familiar with the challenges hospitals face with scrub management. Scrub loss, theft and open distribution carts create a perfect storm that leads to both physician and linen-staff dissatisfaction. Plus, lost inventory creates difficult conversations with... 

Audience and Lecturer

IPA Presents at TRSA Conference

November 2015

ATLANTA, November 17, 2015 - Considered the highest rated plant tour ever offered at a TRSA event, the team at Unitex in Brunswick NJ, offered a first-hand look at their management and operational practices. As part of the tour, attendees learned how Unitex services their hospitals by providing a turnkey scrub solution with scrubXchange.


Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of the New MUHC

April 2015

ATLANTA, April 20, 2015 - Innovative technology systems at the new McGill University Health Centre in Montreal are highlighted, including the scrubEx solution.


Roper Industries Announces Two Medical Acquisitions

August 2014

Sarasota, Florida, August 26, 2014 … Roper Industries, Inc. (NYSE: ROP) today announced that it has acquired Strategic Healthcare Programs, LLC (SHP) and Innovative Product Achievements, LLC (IPA). Both companies will become part of Roper’s Medical and Scientific Imaging segment.


IPA introduces next generation scrubEx

August 2018

ATLANTA, August 1, 2018 ─ IPA, LLC the worldwide leader in surgical scrubs and healthcare linen automation, today announced the launch of its next generation scrubEx technology. Further advancing the scrubEx product line, the new model offers innovative enhancements designed to re-engineer scrub management and distribution for hospitals and health...


Winnipeg-based company introduces IPA technology to Western Canada

June 2017

ATLANTA, June 2017 - Meditek, a family-owned Winnipeg hospital equipment distribution company, now offers scrubEx and alEx to hospitals in Western Canada. 

Brad Samuels, the company’s marketing director, said he can’t recall ever receiving the level of interest that’s being expressed since the...


TRSA Updates its Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification

July 2016

ATLANTA, July 2016 - TRSA recently updated its Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification standard to address the care and use of exchange carts, a long-time industry practice for the safe delivery and storage of linens between commercial laundries and healthcare facilities.

DeKalb Medical See Immediate ROI from scrubEx Investment

February 2016

ATLANTA, February 2016 - "This is a real win/win for the organization. With the scrubEx system in place we are getting over 98% of the scrubs returned. Also, since it is an automated dispensing system, we only have to fill it once a day and can view on the computer exactly what needs replenishing. The hoarding of scrubs in personal lockers has stopped since...


Survey: Linen Loss Major Problem for Laundries and Customers

October 2015

ATLANTA, October 8, 2015 - When it comes to the problems laundry managers or their customers face, linen loss is one of the biggest, according to respondents to American Laundry News’ latest Your Views survey. More than 55% of managers who took the survey say that linen loss "is one of our biggest issues.


Prevent Linen Losses: An $840+ Million a Year Problem in Hospitals

September 2014

ATLANTA, September 29, 2014 - This video from TRSA illustrates key ways linen is wasted in hospitals.


Linen Loss: Gone Before Their Time

September 2013

NEW ORLEANS — Reducing losses of scrubs and patient linens is of major concern for many medical facilities, according to an educational session, Gone Before Their Time: Reducing the Loss of Patient Linen and Scrubs, presented by the Association for Linen Management (ALM) on the Clean Show’s opening day.


IPA relocated and expands headquarters to support and accelerate growth

January 2017

ATLANTA, April 2018 - IPA® LLC, the worldwide leader in surgical scrubs and healthcare linen automation, is pleased to announce the opening of its new corporate headquarters in Duluth, Georgia. The larger facility is aimed to better serve clients while also supporting increased growth and demand...


Hospital linen supply and management services market to hit $9.1B

November 2016

ATLANTA, November 2016 - According to the recently published research report by TMR, the global market for hospital linen supply and management services, which offered an opportunity worth US$7.4 bn in 2015, is likely to rise at a CAGR of 2.40% during the period from 2016 to 2024 and increase to US$.1 bn by the end of the forecast period. Linen bed...


American Laundry News Features scrubXchange

June 2016

ATLANTA, June 2016 - The scrubXchange solution is an innovative high-capacity scrub dispenser. It allows laundries to offer a full service program that combines scrubs, automation, delivery, and processing.

Joe Gomes.jpg

Joe Gomes Announced as President of IPA

January 2016

ATLANTA, January 28, 2016 - With a diverse set of leadership experiences within the healthcare industry, Gomes has driven growth and operational excellence across multiple roles spanning sales, strategic planning, operations and business development. Most recently, he served as the General Manager of IPA, with responsibility for all finance and... 


Everyday is Laundry Day

October 2015

ATLANTA, October 8, 2015 - Eisenhower Army Medical Center plans to reduce linen loss and ensure clinical staff has the proper clothing at a moment's notice with the scrubEx solution.


Linen Loss: The $840 Million Elephant in Your Rooms

September 2014

ATLANTA, September 10, 2014 - Nearly 90% of all linen used in U.S. hospitals does not reach its useful life – costing the healthcare industry an estimated $840 million annually. To stem these losses, healthcare providers need to understand the problem and work with staff, technology partners and laundry contractors to implement solutions.

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