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IPA Celebrates 10,000th Unit

JANUARY 2, 2018 (ATLANTA, GA) –  IPA® LLC, the worldwide leader in healthcare linen and surgical scrubs automation, is proud to announce the completion of its 10,000th unit at the company’s headquarters and manufacturing center in Suwanee, Ga. The unit, an alEx® automated linen center, is designed to help hospitals reduce costs and increase nurse satisfaction by streamlining linen management. 


Joe Gomes, president, IPA, and two of the company’s former owners Bob Fitzgerald and Dan Weyen officiated a ribbon cutting ceremony as the alEx unit completed the assembly line.


“The 10,000th unit is an exciting milestone for us,” said Gomes. “As we reflect on the past 22 years of business that lead us here, we also celebrate the momentum we’re seeing in the market today and look forward to continuing to deliver solutions that reduce the cost of healthcare by automating linen distribution.”

The alEx automated linen center is part of IPA’s platform of solutions that transform scrub and linen management for hospitals. The company’s scrubEx® scrub dispensing cabinet is used by more than 900 hospitals worldwide to provide staff with clean scrubs in the right size exactly when they are needed.


About IPA

IPA is the leading manufacturer of automated surgical scrub and linen dispensing equipment for healthcare providers. The company partners with hospitals to increase productivity, support infection control efforts, and provide tangible cost savings by reducing replacement and processing costs for surgical scrubs and linens. IPA solutions are made in the U.S.A. and are installed in more than 900 hospitals worldwide, with more than 700,000 healthcare professionals utilizing IPA technology every day. IPA, a subsidiary of Roper Technologies, is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia. For more information, please visit

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