Are your vendors following scrub policy?

Hospitals and health systems experience significant costs related to replacing and laundering vendor scrubs.


Designed to drive vendor compliance and reduce costs, the vendEx solution provides authorized vendors with hospital laundered scrubs from a secure scrub dispensing machine. Infection prevention is supported by ensuring vendors aren’t wearing scrubs from outside a facility into a hospital, including operating rooms and outpatient centers. It also ensures authorized vendors will return soiled scrubs before leaving a hospital or healthcare facility. Vendors are charged a small fee for accessing scrubs, creating a return on investment and providing an ongoing revenue stream to offset the costs of providing vendors with scrubs.

Prevent Infection

Minimize infection risk by providing hospital laundered scrubs from a secure dispenser.

Recapture Costs

Generate revenue to offset the cost of vendor scrubs.

Increase Security

Provide vendors with a standardized scrub color for quick and easy identification.

The University of CA, Irvine Medical Center earned $38,175 with vendEx. 

"There is no one coming into our OR's without scrubs. This program has produced financial return and vendor compliance. I would recommend vendEx to any hospital going forward."

Dave Evans | 
Director of EVS

Providence Hospital | Columbia, SC

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