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Drive Vendor Compliance

Regain control of vendor access to scrubs.

"vendEx has allowed us to automate vendor
scrub distribution while recuperating the
costs associated with vendor scrub loss
and cleaning."



Procedure Card Administrative Analyst
UC Irvine Medical Center

Hospital hallway

Are Your Vendors Following Scrub Policy?



Designed to drive vendor compliance and reduce costs, the vendEx solution provides authorized vendors with hospital laundered scrubs from a secure dispensing machine. Infection prevention is supported by ensuring vendors are wearing hospital provided scrubs. vendEx ensures authorized vendors return soiled scrubs before leaving a hospital. Vendors are charged a small fee for accessing scrubs, creating a return on investment and providing an ongoing revenue stream to offset the costs of providing vendors with scrubs.

Prevent infection

Minimize infection risk by providing hospital laundered scrubs from a secure dispenser.

recapture costs

Generate revenue to offset the cost of vendor scrubs.

increase security

Provide vendors with a standardized scrub color for quick and easy identification.

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