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UC Irvine Medical Center


The University of California, Irvine Medical Center (UCIMC) is a major research hospital located in Orange, California. It is the teaching center for the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine.

  • Beds = 388

  • Inpatient Surgeries = 5,895

  • Outpatient Surgeries = 6,021

  • OR Suites = 20

  • Vendors Wearing Scrubs Daily = 14

  • Vendors Wearing Scrubs in Population = 452

Business Challenge

  • 452 vendors wearing scrubs made it difficult to enforce UCI’s scrub policy with all vendors


  • Compliance, security, and infection control issues concerned leadership:​​​

    • Vendors wore scrubs from home or other hospitals

    • Vendors wore the same color scrub as hospital staff making it difficult to identify them

    • Vendors left with UCI scrubs leading to higher scrub replacements

The vendEx Solution

  • Vendors register with vendEx and purchase access to UCI scrubs

  • Vendors are allowed one scrub set daily from a dedicated vendor scrubEx unit

  • Scrubs must be returned before leaving the hospital for continued scrub access, reducing replacements

  • Dedicated orange scrubs drive compliance and easily identify vendors when in the hospital

  • $38,175 in revenue generated in one year helps recapture costs associated with providing vendor scrubs

The Results

  • Infection Risk - Minimize infection risk by providing hospital laundered scrubs from a secured dispenser.

  • Recapture Costs - Generate revenue to offset the cost of vendor scrubs.

  • Increase Security - Provide vendors with a standardized scrub color for quick and easy identification.


Financial Transaction Summary

1 Year



Scrub Access Fee 

Total Revenue

Item Charge








Total Revenue




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