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Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center


As Las Vegas' largest acute care facility, Sunrise Hospital is a 730 bed medical facility with nearly 80,000 annual ER visits. They struggled with the high cost of processing and replacing scrub suits and employee satisfaction.

Business Challenge

Sam Vasquez, Director of EVS began looking into scrub automation after determining monthly costs dedicated to scrubs were averaging more than $20,000.


In an effort to keep unauthorized users from accessing scrubs and reduce costs, scrubEx was chosen based on 3 criteria:


  • Proven financial impact by controlling access

  • Tailored to surgeons and staff by providing the right scrub suit

  • Infection prevention by providing an enclosed dispenser

The scrubEx Solution

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center saw an immediate impact after the implementation of scrubEx. Previously, the annualized replacement costs totaled $188,000. After securing the scrub inventory with scrubEx, scrub suit purchases dropped to $5,000, a 97% reduction. By limiting access to scrubs to only authorized users, scrub suit processing fell from $60,000 to $22,000, a 63% reduction resulting in a total annualized savings of $221,000.

There has also been an increase in staff and surgeon satisfaction. Surgeons who had been very vocal with complaints prior to scrubEx, now report no issues with scrub availability. Based on the Fill Index report through the scrubEx technology, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center has sustained a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

System Activity Report

With the clearView software, administrators were are able to track scrub usage. Click here to view the Sunrise Hospital System Activity Report.

The Results

  • A decrease in linen processing by 63%

  • A decrease in linen replacements by 97%

  • 100% customer satisfaction rating

  • Improved visibility to manage scrub distribution with real-time data using clearView

  • Compliance with AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice by ensuring scrubs are always covered and policy adherence is monitored



$38,000 SAVED






$183,000 SAVED





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