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Maricopa Integrated Health System


Maricopa Integrated Health System, or MIHS, includes Maricopa Medical Center and the Arizona Burn Center. Annually MIHS has nearly 20,000 inpatient admissions, 300,000 outpatient visits, and 2,255 annual births. The hospital serves nearly 67,154 Emergency Department and Level I Trauma visits each year.

Business Challenge

At Maricopa scrubs had become the single most pilfered linen item causing frustration amongst the medical personnel. Everyday surgeons and staff raced to scrub distribution points in hopes of retrieving their scrub set only to discover after searching through a ransacked cart, their size or color was unavailable.


Locker rooms were constantly in disarray since there was no accountability to return scrubs. What's more, 40% of scrub wearers throughout the hospital were unauthorized resulting in higher usage and processing expenses.

The scrubEx Solution

After implementing scrubEx, Maricopa immediately noticed a decrease in utilization by simply locking out students, vendors, and other unauthorized users. Surgeon satisfaction increased as a result of always having scrubs available and no longer searching through a ransacked scrub cart. Surgeons were pleased with the convenience and ease of scrubEx as they simply use their hospital ID, open the door, and take their scrub.

With the credit system, scrubEx encourages accountability by ensuring only a limited number of outstanding scrubs per surgeon helping to keep changing rooms clean and minimize hoarding.

  • Annual scrub pounds = 126,908 lbs

  • Scrub replacements = $.11/lb

  • Average costs of scrub set = $9.70/set

  • Servings per set = 94/set

The Results

  • A decrease in scrub replacements by 91%

  • Total annual savings of $139,984

  • Improved employee satisfaction

  • Improved visibility to manage linen distribution with real-time data through clearView

  • Compliance with The Joint Commission standards by ensuring linen is continually covered




Total Savings: $139,984




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