A complete scrub management solution

High-capacity scrub dispensing

scrubXchange carts can be restocked remotely making inventory management easy and convenient.


Serves up to 170 users per day


Available in 240 or 480 capacity

Improve your scrub

management performance


scrubXchange is a high-capacity, secure scrub dispensing machine providing authorized staff with clean scrubs in the right size when they need it. With a portable exchange cart system, remote inventory replenishment is easy and convenient for linen staff. Plus, exchanging carts is made simple right at the machine’s location. 

Designed for high volume environments, scrubXchange streamlines the scrub management process, improving service and satisfaction levels, reducing scrub loss and processing costs and preventing infection.


Accommodates 240 - 480 pieces including mixed sizes providing staff with their exact size scrub.


With a dispense time of 10 seconds, scrubXchange is faster than looking through an open cart.


Physicians, nurses and other staff use current hospital badges to gain access to scrubs.

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