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January | 2020

Thank you for demonstrating our Core Values!

Deon Smith Marketing Communications Associate

Zheng Khang Test Technician

wang Khang alEx Assembler

Thank you Deon Smith, Zheng Khang, and Wang Khang for exhibiting our core values: Integrity, Customer Centricity, Unity and a Winning Spirit! You will win one extra vacation day as well as a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Sugar Beach in St. Lucia February 7th – 11th! Keep up the great work!

What are people saying?

“…They always had a pleasant smile and was determined to make the new configuration work!"

She is always willing to chip in  (usually at the last second)…She is the support system for sales, while supporting us with various marketing collateral.

Zheng was responsible for re configuring/rebuilding the workstation for Commercial Operations which allows our team to collaborate easier with one another and be in a bullpen type formation.



Who is Beth Farrens

One time employee of the quarter, Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Beth Farrens began her career at IPA in June of 2012. Reporting to Nicole Lister, Beth is part of the accounting team and manages customer accounts to ensure payments are on time and resolves billing and payment errors.

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2020 Commission Schedule

The 2020 commission payment schedule has been updated! Click the link below.


2020 Holiday Calendar

Click the link below to view the 2020 holiday calendar schedule.


2020 Vacation Rollover Policy

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Employee Spotlight


Oath of Enlistment

Congratulations to Amanda Kennedy 


While we are so proud of all of our Veteran’s at IPA, we had a special occasion to witness Amanda Kennedy’s re-enlistment ceremony. This time- honored tradition dates back to the Revolutionary War and signifies Amanda’s willingness to continue to serve her country.

Thank you for your continued service! 



Sheng Thao
(8 yrs)

Kate Hanrahan
(2 yrs)

Joel Masis
(3 yrs)

Alyson Kado
(2 yrs)

Katie Stone
(1 yr)

Dang Khang
(2 yrs)

Mickey Lee
(2 yrs)

You make the workplace FUN! 

♥ 102


The Best of 2019!

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Barb Otto

$296,858 - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Lauren Fender

$256,682 - University of Medical Center at Princeton

Jamie Kaplan

$223,980 - Einstein Medical Center - Montgomery

From your friends at IPA, we would all just like to say

Happy Birthday!

Randy Gregory

Keith Stallings

Jamie Kaplan

Kristy Woods

Brandon Reeves

Joe Rainey

Xiaohui Fang

Have a wonderful Happy Birthday

and many more to come!



Cindy Lopez

Sales Executive

Reporting to: Dana Lampi

Jeremiah Vernon

Jr. Systems Administrator

Reporting to: Kevin Janflone