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April | 2020

Thank you for demonstrating our Core Values!

Implementation Engineers

Thank you Baltazar Alaffa, Ariel Gonzales, Quenten Lester, Elvis Marte, and Ralph Thompson for exhibiting our core values: Integrity, Customer Centricity, Unity and a Winning Spirit! You will win one extra vacation day as well as a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Sugar Beach in St. Lucia February 7th – 11th! Keep up the great work!

What are people saying?

Without hesitation, each of these individuals went on to hospitals across the country and internationally to provide our customers with our specialty uniform distribution solutions. 

…they committed to installing our product even if it meant driving 5+ hours to get to the site… to install our solutions that could potentially prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Through these dedicated employees,
 our mission at IPA is possible.



What is COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new strain of the Coronavirus that was discovered in 2019 and has not been previously identified in humans. As the novel coronavirus pandemic rapidly evolves, there's a lot of information circulating about COVID-19. To date, 304,826 (last updated on April 5, 2020 by the CDC) confirmed cases have been reported nationally since the first case hit the US on Jan. 21, 2020, with this number continuing to grow.
The resources below will provide a few helpful tips on how you can reduce the spread of the disease and what to do if you become infected.

News Nuggets

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Culture & Engagement


Virtual Spirit Week

As many non-essential businesses have suspended operations, IPA continues to function. While operations of our Duluth office continues, employees who are able to work remote have been encouraged to work from home.

That said, in an effort to provide employees with a sense of normalcy and connection, IPA’s Culture & Engagement Committee has decided to host our first ever Virtual Spirit Week April 20th – 24th ! 

More details to come!

Human Resources

Image by Greg Bulla

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is coming to IPA! This investment further reiterates the company’s commitment to talent development and ensuring every employee is equipped with the skills necessary to successfully perform their role.
LinkedIn Learning encourages employee development and while seizing opportunities to learn and grow.
IPA will formally introduce LinkedIn Learning companywide. Stay tuned!


Covid 19

COVID-19 Update

With an increase in COVID-19 cases, states are taking extra precaution to help limit the spread of the disease. Many have instated mandated curfews and shelter-in-place timeframes.
For this reason, IPA’s Human Resource department has crafted a letter for each employee who might require travel during this time. You should present this letter to authorities as evidence that you are employed by an essential business.
Should you require this letter, please contact your manager.

Employee Spotlights

Congratulations to Justin Webb

on your Promotion


Justin joined IPA five years ago and has consistently exceeded quota averaging nearly $2MM in sales since his first full year in 2016.  Importantly, Justin is well respected by all of his peers and has been a mentor to many of our newer sales team members. 

Please join us in congratulating Justin Webb on his promotion as IPA’s Regional Sales Director of the Central region.

Congratulations to 13 time Council of Excellence Winner


Twenty one year IPA veteran, Bob Salmons, just scored his 13th Council win! In just the second sales quarter, Bob has closed 20 deals generating 7 new opportunities propelling him into the 2020 Council Induction. 

With an increase in patient intake and healthcare professionals, existing scrubEx customers in the Northeast region grew concerned with how they would accommodate this influx of new users. Bob, was able to identify three options that would ultimate result in the addition of 10 scrubEx LV sets. 



Jason Farah

(15 yrs)

Ken Love

(9 yrs)

Randy Gregory 

(5 yrs)

Chris Snow

(2 yrs)

Molly Baker

(7 yrs)

Andrew McDonald

(4 yrs)

Dana Lampi

(1 yr)

Marcus Craft

(7 yrs)

Nicole Lister 

(3 yrs)

You make the workplace FUN! 

♥ 102


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Susan Roche

$388,790 - John's Hopkins Hospital 

Bob Salmons

$313,520 - North Shore University

Amanda Dunavant

$257,581 - Grady Memorial Hospital 

From your friends at IPA, we would all just like to say

Happy Birthday!

Kali Nixon 


Daniel Sosa


Andrew McDonald


Kate Hanrahan


Molly Baker


Chris Snow 


Yong Khang


Adam Lee


Have a wonderful Happy Birthday

and many more to come!



Austin Held

Account Executive

Reporting to: Dana Lewis