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Discover the future of automated distribution.

PPE Distribution made easy with scrubEx

Learn more about how to protect PPE with scrubEx!

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Why dispense PPE through scrubEx?

  • Ensure PPE availability for authorized staff

  • Minimize risk of cross contamination

  • Centralize and automate PPE distribution

  • Improve traceability

Control, track, and dispense PPE with scrubEx

Dispense PPE to authorized users while providing a safe, cost-effective and secure way to manage supply distribution.

Ensure Mask Availability: By limiting the number of PPE items (i.e. masks) an employee can access each day will help reduce hoarding, lock out authorized users, and optimize inventory.

Reduce Cross Contamination: With PPE in an open area, the risk of transferring infectious pathogens is high. Automation minimizes the risk of cross contamination since PPE is enclosed, only one item is exposed per transaction. 




Masks/face sheids

shoe covers

We're acutely aware of the rapidly expanding needs for personal protective equipment (PPE) for numerous organizations across the country. It is our social responsibility to ensure we're providing the right solutions for our customers in this time of crisis. We've partnered with our engineering team to enable our scrubEx technology to safeguard and dispense PPE.



Stephen Lee, President



The same technology that has helped thousands of clinicians get the scrubs they need when they need them, now provides personal protective equipment from the same secure automated dispenser, scrubEx. Our advanced technology provides authorized staff with PPE ensuring availability while driving efficiency and staff satisfaction. scrubEx also complies with AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, helping to better prevent and control the risk of infection.


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